Custom Registration Timeout 2.1.1 by El Bekko

Allows you to set a custom timeout between the registration of two IP addresses.

Most users online at one time 0.1 by El Bekko

Records and displays the most users/guests or total users online at one time.

Automatic Zap Reports 1.1 by El Bekko

Automatically zaps reports about a deleted post.

Category View 0.3 by El Bekko

Allows you to link to one or more categories

Mask unverified users 1.0 by El Bekko

Masks unverified users.

Piclens 0.1 by El Bekko

Enables Piclens immersive viewing for images in a topic. Should also work for other applications that use Media RSS (MRSS).

Easy Profile Fields 2.1 by El Bekko

Adds admin modifyable input fields to the user profiles.

Mibbit IRC Chat 0.1 by El Bekko

Adds the Mibbit IRC chat service.

Smiley List 1.2.3 by El Bekko

Adds a list of smilies above the post, quick post, edit and signature forms.

GeSHi syntax highlighter 0.1.21 by El Bekko

A syntax highlighter that makes use of GeSHi

Rebuild extension 1.1 by El Bekko

Add an 'Upgrade extension' link to the extension overview

Anti Spam 0.2 by El Bekko

Disallows new users (specifiable amount of posts) to post a specifiable amount of links. These settings can be found under Settings > Features > 3. Topic and post content.